Reason enough to retrospect

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P2P Foundation … certainly something that deserves a bit of elbow grease. How to put things in context, how to begin … and where? March 2008 … 13 years on the WWW, after 36 years of online activity in one form or another? (I could say 41 years, if I counted ham radio!) How about […]

The start of a beginning

Written by on 01.12.2008 | Uncategorized and TruthTree (“an army of analysts” in design) … it’s about enabling OpenAccess and extending participation! In communications one of the things that limits the “through-put” of a channel is band-width, quite like “how big is the pipe”. (You can increase the pressure, but widening the pipe has even more effect.) In radio communications […]

::Hello world!” is the default post

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Aiming to replicate   “Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging”! That’s what WP installation had to say on the subject. To this we must add: welcome to! –bentrem